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The extreme speculative game of cryptocurrencies can be fatal

Updated: Mar 21

The extreme speculative game of cryptocurrencies could be fatal in the future. In my opinion, this is a definite possibility, the collapse and disappearance of cryptocurrencies from the economic field. Until then, their ephemeral speculative characteristics will be analyzed and studied. It is a fact and generally accepted that the great risk of investing in this field. However, this risk does not prevent many mega and small investors from betting, in essence, on a rise in prices. There are from time to time some lucky ones who, while investing a small amount, earned a lot of money in a few months. That's why, while the capital has been significantly reduced by the cryptocurrency sector, aspiring speculators continue to bet money without much delay. The total capital of the cryptocurrency sector decreased from about 600 billion to 500 billion with significant changes in the prices of well-known cryptocurrencies.

Unfortunately, many are carried away by stories of young multimillionaires who made a fortune thanks to rising cryptocurrency prices. Thus, there is a desire on social media for many investors to live a rich life, in material goods of course. An investment as small or large as possible requires a clear mind and prudence for a strategic investment. Everyone needs to create a blueprint to reduce the risk. When will he stop and when will he continue with further financing of his investment. Perhaps it's best to have such a blueprint, so as not to be seduced by a crazy price trend risking of losing his money. It is not uncommon for investors to decide to keep their money as they see a further increase in prices and finally when they decide to sell the product, at a higher price than they expected; they don't find buyers as the prevailing opinion is that the value of cryptocurrency has reached its maximum price for the given time period.

Of course, whoever participates in the game of this investment has in mind to make enough money, at least 200%. It would be great if everyone could win that much or even 20%. The reality, however, isn't so, in a money-focused field. Everyone wants more, maybe more than what they think is ideal. More doesn't mean better. The speculative nature of cryptocurrencies is not a side effect, but its very nature. The only side effect is the human impulsiveness to take risks, investing large sums of money, which he needs, but he doesn't affraid to lose them in order to make real his fragile dream. What does profit mean when I do not use it effectively? Instead of buying things we need to improve everyday life, we either reinvest them at greater risk, or waste them on things we don't need, or we embark in an endless journey of avarice and vanity. So before you invest, think if you know your limits.

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