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The Unknown Development of Cryptocurrency

The scary history of cryptocurrency is constantly being revealed. Indeed, it's frightening to put your trust to something you don't know. The complete ignorance of investors and the correlation of cryptocurrency's nature with that of the stock market or a foreign exchange is absolutely terrifying, too. Of course, the correlation is completely wrong as their function is not identical. As in roulette, so in cryptocurrencies intuition is your best ally. They are unlikely to grow for the benefit of regular investors, but no one can say for sure.

The unknown development of cryptocurrency remains another eternal question. For what purposes it were developed and used in the beginning is not known. It is said that in the beginning it was used to finance terrorist and criminal organizations, mainly in the Middle East, due to the anonymity of the transactions it provides. Perhaps, this fact does not deter investors from them. However, we don't know what will happen in the future, if transactions for financing criminal organizations through cryptocurrencies become the main part of the total capital. Will greed and illegality win then, or will justice prevail? Think about that ...

All small investors feel a little disappointed, as almost no one bought one of the popular cryptocurrencies at their lowest price to sell them at their highest price, when the total capital had exceeded $ 750 billion. History will hardly repeat itself for the benefit of small investors. I'm not kidding and probably if you are an investor you will laugh. History will show the end of a great speculative culture. A tragic ending.

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